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Class and worship for tomorrow, Sunday, March 1st have been canceled due to weather and road conditions. Please pass the word along.

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Our Welcome Ministry Team will greet you at the door and will be more than happy to help you find your way around! Please join us!

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Your Jenks Church bulletin is available each Sunday morning. Pick one up from a door greeter or the wall racks at the entrance to the building. Be sure to read this publication to be well informed. Click here to read the current bulletin.


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Are you in a relationship?

Do you have friends?

Are you engaged?  Married?  A parent or have parents?

Are you an employee?  Employer?

Are you a leader, or manager, teacher, student, or principal?

Are you a pastor, minister, missionary, teacher or elder in a church?  

Or are you a member of a church?


 Date:    Saturday, March 7, 2015

Time:    9:00 - 4:00
Where:  Jenks Church

Presented by Emilie Smith, MA, LPC Retired

There is more to communication than just talking and responding.  Most people believe that they communicate just fine.  How well do you communicate?  Have you ever been told that you don't communicate well or have you experienced being misunderstood?

Do you listen to respond or listen to understand? 

Effective communication promotes a sense of trust at its core. Conveying words, facial expressions and hand gestures ineffectively can destroy home, church, personal and work relationships. Leaving out details in your communication, forgetting to communicate important information and not listening actively prevent you from being able to properly communicate in a way that is essential for sustaining a relationship.

Problems with communication is the top cause of divorce, conflict between parents and children, lost promotions at work and lost jobs.  And it is one of the top reasons that people leave churches.

This seminar will explore ways to identify problems in communication and skills to communicate to be understood and to understand.  

 Tulsa Workshop and Overflow Worship

Mark your calendars for the Tulsa Workshop for March 18-21 and         Overflow Worship for March 21st at 7pm.


VBS Spaghetti Dinner & Dessert Auction

Mark your calendars and join the fun on Sunday, March 29th, for a           Spaghetti Dinner and Dessert Auction. All proceeds will go towards this summer’s VBS.


 Communion Thoughts

If you are interested in preparing and giving our communion thoughts on Sunday mornings, please see Philip Treat.




Jenks Church Mission:

 Loving God ~ Loving Others

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